Our wonderful puppy packages are a great way to protect your fur babies and save some money.

Vaccines are typically given in a series of shots, usually 2-3 weeks apart in order for the body to make a protective amount of antibodies against the disease. The vaccines that are given to puppies to protect them against the most common diseases are called “Core Vaccines.”

The puppy visits to get vaccinated are also an important opportunity to examine your pet for possible issues, and to discuss nutrition, training, and other topics.

Puppy Plan Includes:

  • Two Physical Exams
  • One Fecal Test
  • Two Deworming Treatments
  • Two Puppy Pedicures
  • All core vaccines up to 16 weeks of age, including up to four DHPPC (distemper, hepatitis, parvo, parainfluenza, coronavirus) vaccines, one Bordetella (Kennel cough) vaccine, and one Rabies vaccine

Any additional vaccines required to complete the core vaccines series would be at doctor's discretion and at an additional cost.

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